Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.


Henry Ford


This project embodies both technological innovation in the fields of architecture and the built environment and social innovation aimed at driving development of various kinds: economic, environmental and cultural. Its goal is to achieve a net improvement in the living and working conditions of people who live in big cities, small towns, the countryside or the mountains by allowing them to achieve economic self-sufficiency and substantial independence in energy, logistics and food. The concept also aims to protect nature, biodiversity and the climate; to reduce costs, waste and materials inputs thanks to the complete re-use of any material used, produced or created; and to increase the quality of daily life and knowledge in the key areas of health, food safety, environmental education, cultural and entrepreneurial training. Furthermore, the structure incorporates a fully automated technology platform integrated with an intelligent natural ecosystem. The house is adaptable to any location and designed to be self-sufficient, environmentally friendly and sustainable. It provides healthy housing, food and work due to the use of non-contaminated natural materials which are fully recyclable and to its underlying concept that offers scope for learning and entrepreneurship - all of which is designed to respond to the customer's personal, economic, professional and social needs.
© Gabriele Vizio

Online Academy

Our Academy offers a new way of e-learning, via an interactive multimedia teaching platform, that is efficient, effective and economical. It is equipped with the latest technologies and communication strategies, and is backed by a teaching staff specialized in formal and continuing education of professionals, with knowledge of the management and creation of companies and supply chains in agriculture, agribusiness, art, crafts, commerce, tourism and services. We aim to form a productive community that will benefit from training anywhere in the world, at a time that fits with their daily activities.
© Ornella Orlandoni

Easy Europe

The project aims to contribute to the creation of a more united and shared Europe by eliminating mistrust, complex socio-cultural structures, arcane decision-making and bureaucratic procedures. Innovation, culture, active citizenship, simplification, transparency and closer interconnections between people and institutions are its key goals. It seeks to achieve these through an interactive dialogue mode of "open government" accessible to all, as well as public and private partnership, that lead towards fair and inclusive growth, sustainable development and an improved European governance equipped for the challenges of the constantly changing globalized world, which is increasingly interconnected and diverse.
© Olimpia Orlandoni

Easy Living

Over the last few years smartphones have become essential to our quality of life, allowing us to access vast amounts of information in real time. As this technological progress continues we need appropriate tools to use this factual knowledge in intuitive, accurate and reliable ways. Our applications will enable this by simplifying daily activities: from simple pleasure trips or looking up a diet or physical activities, to increasing synergies in the workplace.
© Elisabetta Gazziero

A new strategy for the Silver Economy

In recent decades, the life expectancy of the world's population has grown. Older people now have a new quality of life, which inspires them to think of this stage in their lives as a launching pad for new prospects rather than simply the beginning of the end. We are determined to supply resources to this age group, making use of partnerships with non-profit and social enterprise networks dedicated to the third-age sector, using targeted ad hoc partnerships to promote and serve this often under-appreciated generation by promoting active citizenship, the public interest and the social capital of the entire community.
© Elisabetta Gazziero


In 2019, Matera will be the European capital of Culture. La Costellazione O.R.S.O. is working on a series of projects and cultural products, technologies and businesses to raise awareness of this important international event to increase cultural tourism and knowledge of one of the most spectacular UNESCO sites, namely the Sassi di Matera, which date back more than 10,000 years. The Sassi demonstrate through their own history how this ancient and mythical place can also be a starting point for the future development of the region and a focal point to facilitate dialogue between East and West, North and South. This will be built on the protection of artistic and natural capital, on the genius loci, and on a widespread entrepreneurship that combines technological and social innovation with the protection of the rich local cultural heritage, both tangible and intangible
© Raffaella Corcione Sandoval

Carlo Gesualdo: Music, Poetry, Art and Nature

Carlo Gesualdo had an enormous influence on his contemporaries. He composed, played  a multitude of instruments and had a rare mastery of the lute. Now, after three centuries of oblivion, the world is rediscovering this musical genius. He was a major inspiration for Stravinsky, and celebrated by Salvatore Sciarrino, Luca Francesconi, Franco Battiato and the director, Werner Herzog, who made a documentary of his life: Tod für fünf Stimmen (Death for Five Voices). We are working to raise awareness of Gesualdo among the general public and to create a wider knowledge of this great and inimitable composer through a number of initiatives of high cultural, artistic, technological and business value, which will also promote local development and international activity in the region where the prince of Musicians lived and composed his magnificent madrigals.
© Ornella Orlandoni