The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams


Eleanor Roosevelt

About Us

We are an innovative, all-woman start up, established in November 2014, which promotes, creates, produces, and disseminates online programmes and courses for new skills, innovative services, products and projects of high cultural, scientific, technological, environmental, economical and social value in Italy and abroad. We operate in partnership with researchers, sociologists, artists, experts in relevant fields and experienced independent innovators.
© Elisabetta Gazziero

Our goals

Our key goal is to identify new forms of knowledge, communication, interconnection, partnership and sharing of innovative processes, structures and operating procedures, employment and business, aimed at promoting: 1) the preservation and enhancement of natural capital, and human and social, cultural heritage, both tangible and intangible; 2) the quality of life, food safety, health and the psychological well-being of individuals and of the community where they live and work; 3) the empowerment of weaker and marginalized social groups; 4) continuing education, with particular regard to enabling new professions and skills; 5) full employment; 6) cohesion and social inclusion; 7) the lasting and sustainable growth of peoples and of disadvantaged regions, including through the development and expansion of culture, artistic creativity, technological and social innovation.
© Elisabetta Gazziero

Our mission

We pursue our goals with tenacity and passion. These goals are: the common good, technological and social innovation; collective well-being; endogenous growth which is equitable and environmentally sustainable; environmental protection and biodiversity; moral and civil progress; the development of culture, the arts and sciences; the economic independence of women and the emancipation of individuals and disadvantaged members of society; access to culture and to new opportunities and skills to combat unemployment, gender inequality, poverty and social exclusion.
© Ornella Orlandonil

Our vision

Sharing, innovating and applying-this is the way we think, act and carry out our plans which seek to give everyone the opportunity to build a better future, to contribute to endogenous, durable, equitable and environmentally sustainable growth, to full employment and social inclusion. We encourage culture and foster research, as well a social, scientific and technological innovation. And we do so with respect for our historical and civil traditions, which are fundamental to our purpose and our reason for doing business.
© Elisabetta Gazziero

Our values

We believe in transparency and we work within the law, respecting individuals and their values. Our activities aim to promote moral and civil progress, human rights, full employment, cohesion and social inclusion; to foster better working conditions and to contribute to durable, equitable and environmentally sustainable growth. Our principles are: attention, ability, competence, communication skills, courtesy, courage, creativity, credibility, discretion, excellence, enthusiasm, experience, flexibility, generosity, honesty, innovation, integrity, loyalty, passion, perseverance, prestige, professionalism, quality, reliability, reputation, responsibility, respect, solidarity, tolerance, tenacity and trust.

Our team

Our founding members decided to work together to contribute to the collective well-being and to the re-launch of a more dynamic and inclusive economy, to change today's society for the better, and to encourage the growth of employment, productivity, competitiveness and GDP. For the research and creation of projects, products, courses and services, our company works in partnership with public and private entities, with the assistance of a project team, composed by academic teachers, researchers, experts and innovators specialized in specific areas of interest. In other words, we act as a hub for the design and development of the projects realized in co-working and in collaboration with them.