Remember, listen, innovate and act to build together a better world


We are an innovative start-up with a social vocation. We work in global multimedia communications; studies and research in applied sciences, the humanities and the environment; in social innovation and in formal and continuing education. In all these areas, we develop and promote new methods and forms of information sharing, education, knowledge, communication and inter-connections through the creation, production and distribution of intellectual works, videos, e-books, online courses, cultural projects and events, innovative products, processes, business models and services of high cultural artistic, scientific, technological, and economical value.To do this, we collaborate with public and private entities accredited at national and international level, with schools, universities and research centers, with teachers, researchers, sociologists, artists, scholars and independent innovators with proven experience. In carrying out these cultural, scientific and technological activities, we pursue the objectives of the UN Agenda 2030 and the EU on healthy, endogenous, durable, sustainable and inclusive economic growth and lifelong learning for all educational backgrounds and skill-levels that creates jobs, social equity, widespread knowledge, visionary thinking and a stable and prosperous economic environment. Our projects, services and products are intended to have an impact for the benefit of the community, to promote the common good, collective well-being, moral and civil progress, knowledge management, the protection of biodiversity, the improvement of terroir quality and environment, the  enhancement of cultural heritage, full employment, the emancipation of the weakest and most disadvantaged groups, and the fight against poverty and gender gap.